April 22nd, 2011


Both Subtle and Wrong

Recently, the Obama administration has been preparing an executive order requiring companies that contract with the federal government to disclose any political contributions they make (above a certain limit). As expected, the usual people are grumbling about it. There are some real issues, although I think the reasoning behind the executive order is sound and it would be good policy. Collapse )

Recently there was an amusing tiff between France and Italy. Italy has been granting temporary residence permits to very large numbers of Africans fleeing political turmoil, with the understanding that under EU rules, those migrants would then be free to head to France, where most of them would end up on welfare programmes. France decided not to let the migrants in unless they could demonstrate they could financially support themselves. Quite generous of Italy, to offer France's resources like that! (I find it pretty odd that Europe seems committed to high levels of immigration and it's considered a far-right idea to lower the quotas much)

It's a neat time to be alive. We're making artificial retinas and doing science!

Interesting question about feminism and social mobility; has feminism in the workplace harmed men? I could see a good argument for yes, but correcting injustices is not guaranteed to be positive for everyone. Could we sell the idea of abolition to slaveowners? Could we sell the idea of democracy to kings? If men have to deal with more competition because women are finally able to compete on a more even basis with them in the workplace, so be it. It remains the right thing to do, and anyone who has not adjusted to the idea of equality and not being "the breadwinner" should do so. That said, it may be the time to reduce the work week a bit for everyone, as with a more even amount of out-of-house working, house tasks and care for children still need to happen (this time ideally on a more gender-even keel)

Today's the Random Distance Run. My first run of this race was seven years ago. This year will likely be my last unless I'm visiting Pittsburgh at the right time. Like last year, I intend to run this barefoot. I'm not a fantastic runner, but I expect to have a good time.