April 26th, 2011


Brasilian Wings

Moving/PHL things (mostly notes, possibly uninteresting):Collapse )

Recently I've been playing with Calibre to manage the documents I'm sending to my Kindle. I'm not entirely happy with it, particularly in that it takes an iTunes-like (WRONG!) approach to manage my documents (I WILL MAKE ANOTHER COPY OF ALL YOUR STUFF). It's still better than anything I've seen, but I basically just want a tool that will work with my existing formats (and edit their metadata as needed), not something that will entirely redefine how I work with documents.

I've spent much of my adult life trying to stretch my mind in these directions (and have the requisite information needed to do so), but this is a nice shortcut. The basic idea is that almost everyone in the world is understandable, even if they're working from different philosophies and information. Universal tolerance of all worldviews is not possible/wise/self-consistent, but we can try to understand most coherent worldviews and make a good effort to tolerate any that can fit with ours. An empathy that stretches over all of humanity is something to strive for (even if it alienates us from the very natural dehumanisation that most people do).

I recently tried Gnome3, which is a major reworking of GNOME. I initially was not inclined to like it (because it doesn't offer a minimise button!). That's still really irksome, but the rest of the interface is interestingly different. It feels like it's not quite designed for computers though; perhaps it'd run best on a tablet or a cellphone? It's suitable for a "lesser computing device", but would be pretty poor as a main computing device for a Unix geek. With any luck, it'll get people interested in alternative Window Managers again (and maybe it might derail the current terrible trajectory of Linux graphics towards Wayland? I hope!).