May 10th, 2011


Moving Through Clouds

The most profound periods of personal growth for me tend to happen when I'm either alone or transitioning between groups of friends. Collapse )

I thought this description of atheist perspectives to be reasonably accurate; it doesn't *quite* describe me. Collapse )

I sometimes find it odd that so many science-fiction authors are conservative.



I'm really disturbed by this: The Koch brothers have made a rather onerous donation to a few universities, requiring that economics departments either let them veto prospective professors or demanding certain curriculum/representation of their views. I believe that political interference with universities undermines the role of academia in society, regardless of who's doing it. In an ideal world, any university found to do this would lose accreditation unless it ends these arrangements, and anyone who brokered the deals should be dismissed.

Academic integrity depends on the flow of ideas and positions under consideration be decided by the strength of ideas; external sponsoring of professors undermines that, and creates excessive consequences to a professor/department to keep their research and expression in line with those sponsors. These deals amount to a failure of academic integrity, nudging Florida State towards Pensacola Christian College in terms of trustworthiness.