October 27th, 2011


Shrinking Pains

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I have two upcoming interviews, with TED and MIT. I plan not to decide on one until I have offers from both (or one definitively doesn't offer). Either way, I'm looking at leaving PHL soon. The city has grown on me (significantly once I got in the habit of entering the city proper, but also because I've lowered my expectations; PHL is not a city that tickles my fancy, but it doesn't have glaring faults either and I've found enough nice places to be ok) but I don't think I'll miss it. If I move to NYC, that seems like it'll be a nervous process; even parking a U-Haul sounds like a bear. Right now I'm starting to figure out how to decide between TED-NYC and MIT-Cambridge in case I am offered both. So far it turns out to be plenty of comparisons between good-and-great on various axes.

The Livejournal API seems to be broken; I'm manually syncing my posts at the moment. I'm hoping there's a reasonably simple fix (that doesn't require me to rewrite the syncing code for my blog platform too much); I don't imagine I'll find it worth the bother to keep doing this by hand in the long term.

I recently had a Twitter argument with a tea partier, and like many tea partiers I've met, he's anti-university, doesn't believe in global warming or evolution, and seemed unable to substantiate any of his claims. Still, I think it's important that people be pushing (separately or together) both strong liberal positions and strong scientific positions; we should not be as tepid as Obama, nor as batshit-crazy-mad as Beck or Limbaugh, but rather the smart, principled people with the facts to support our claims and the philosophy to defend the things we hold (well, and we need to be willing to yield ground on the fact that the Democratic party is pretty corrupt, just like the Republican party). Anyhow, he made comparisons between the Tea Party rallies and Occupy. That's an interesting topic; ignoring his specific claims (which were not based on either being observant at Tea Party rallies or presumably actually going to Occupy protests, some reflections on comparisons:
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How I compute

This is a post about GUIs, how I use them, and what I need to be happy.
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Two bits of news relevant to broader computing:
*HP's new CEO reversed the decision to spin-off HP's computer division. I'm happy about this; I've been pretty happy with HP's PCs (my last several laptops have been giant HP laptops with full keyboards and I also have a HP gaming PC).
*The next version of Android, 4.0, is starting to roll out. I'm a bit bummed that my phone, the Nexus One, won't be getting an official port. This is probably because the GPU on it is not up-to-snuff and so they're not sure the full graphical experience will be possible on the device. Reasonable, but I wouldn't mind disabling some of the flashy bits. I expect once there's a solid unofficial port, I'll just migrate to it (although if I want to keep playing with developing for Android, maybe I'll have to get a Nexus Galaxy; I wish Google had stuck with HTC, but oh well).