November 20th, 2011


Bland Replaces Brutal

I've been watching the difficulties of Arab Spring countries in creating new traditions of governance, most notably in Egypt and Libya. The thing that characterises both of them, as far as I can tell, is a sense of disillusionment Collapse )

Tonight I listened to an interesting recent Radiolab podcast on epidemics. The second segment was particularly interesting in that it described the almost antimiraclous way that a precursor to AIDS is believed to have been formed in another primate; the biochemistry described sounds pretty amazing.

The first segment of that same show was also interesting in that it highlights an area where (I think) rule of law can and should reasonably be suspended Collapse )


Citizens Veto

I am trying out an idea for size here; this is tenative and new. The scope of this idea is intended for all forms of government I think about (that is, as a reform for our current system, as a system for reasonable mixed markets, and as the academic-secular-socialist system I ultimately would like to see us adopt).

Collapse )



The following content has content that (lightly) touches on sexual preferences and sexual acts, and is stuff that's NSFW and quite possibly stuff you don't want to know.Collapse )