November 27th, 2011


How Dating Works?

I've sometimes been pretty amazed at how different people's dating experiences are; it seems there's a maze of different protocols that people are using, and when those don't match up between two people, disappointment ensues. I expect this will not be super relevant to any of my readers, given that we are not in the same city; some of you were people I wanted to date at some point, but at least as of right now it's most likely that if I ever date again it'll be with someone new. My protocols:Collapse )


Woody Allen and Salman Rushdie

I've been reading Rushdie's 「Luka and the Fire of Life」, and came across an excellent poking-of-fun at thin-skinnedness/hypersensitivity-to-criticism/control-your-language-so-as-not-to-offend. This is something I was working on writing about anyhow. For dinner tonight, I hopped out to a local indian place, and while there made a tie of the idea to Woody Allen, particularly the comparison between Alvy and Annie's families in the film 「Annie Hall」. Collapse )


Nom de Régime

When the current government's people/offices use social media, I wish they would choose names that reference both their role and the current administration. I don't want the next administration to come in and delete all the old content (whether that be the Whitehouse press secretary's tweets, the blog of the state department, or similar). Ideally, such accounts would just stop getting new content, and be available as a record.

I also wish they would stop tagging all the Youtube videos of the Whitehouse Press Conference with 「Gibbs」, as he's moved on.

I'm not entirely sure about this, but maybe even should always be a redirect to a separate gov domain for each separate administration. I want all those URLs to work forever.