April 6th, 2012


On Men's Rights movements and Feminist movements

Those of you who know me well may find the central parts of post to be utterly predictable, but I don't think I've written directly on the topic so this might provide more nuance to my thoughts on it. It's inspired by a recent tweet referencing a blogger I normally moderately dislike (I don't read her, but people sometimes link to her posts) by the pen-name of Holly Pervocracy. I actually rather liked the post at hand, where she points out the exaggerations made by the "Men's Rights" movements of the feminist movements. Collapse )

I also found a web show full of fantastic interviews; I think intelligent dialogue on complicated topics is a great thing to see in media, and like probably a lot of you, I'm building a treasure trove of inputs; QI is probably another of my favourites.

Recently I've been walking around Brooklyn a lot, which is strange because I'm not finding a lot of barriers to my exploration. It's strange how the different aspects of the city keep leading me to different conclusions on whether NYC is more "one city" or "five cities". I haven't been to Queens yet (might go this weekend), but I understand it probably leans towards the latter but moreso, in that Queens historically was just a county near NYC that was absorbed, with all its towns, as a borough (and some bits of that county escaped during that process; Hawking radiation!). The Bronx was also passed between Westchester County and New York county before being split off into its own borough; the borough history of NYC is pretty interesting (and it seems that a number of New Yorkers don't know it).

Tomorrow I'm doing some volunteer work at Prospect Park. Hopefully I'll make a few friends; still haven't done a lot of that here yet.