April 12th, 2012


Virtu, Virtue, and Opening

A restatement on the difference between citizen and world actors, and virtu and virtue with respects to them. This is cobbled together from a discussion I'm having on G+, with different bits from different comments; sorry if it's not entirely coherent. Collapse )


After Tours End

Today's meetup adventure turned out not to be quite what I thought it would be; Collapse )

Today I left the apartment with a topic to chew on; occasionally I've had to deal with, in debates of various kinds, people trying to deconstruct and then discard the public good. Collapse )

Today's lunch was pretty interesting; I had to go to a post office to mail a check, and this took me on a walk a good ways south of where I live in Flatbush; after mailing it, I wanted to get some indian food, my phone brought up a Pakistani restaurant instead, so I took another reasonable hike southwards, into what seemed to be a Afghan/Pakistani/Jewish neighbourhood; there were plenty of people who looked like they were right out of pictures I've seen of Pashtun areas of Afghanistan (and there were Afghan restaurants too; might go back to give them a go sometime). Anyhow, lunch was at Bukhari, on Coney Island Avenue. The atmosphere wasn't that great, but the food was pretty good, quite healthy, and my meal came out to be $4. The food reminded me a bit of Srees.