April 22nd, 2012


NECSS 2012

This weekend was spent at a conference on science and secularism in Manhattan. Collapse )

It's finally raining in NYC, but unfortunately it's a very cold rain. I'm also still hobbling from the combined effect of a rough discipline in trying to get back into barefoot running and build foot pads rapidly, and my new shoes, both of which are rough on feet in different ways. My introvert-version social batteries are pretty drained, and I don't have the luxury of being entirely reclusive tomorrow to recharge, eep.

The conference has me regretting the low-profile I've kept over the years; I'm not interested in being a star, per-se, but being more known and taking part in philosophy panels would be nice, and maybe having a better-known blog would expose me to more members in the secular blogging community and lead to more conversations. I'd probably need to split my personal life into a separate blog to make that more possible, and maybe go over topics in a more systemic way rather than just blog on whatever's been on my mind recently. I've generally hoped that my blog is interesting and provocative and might fling a few ideas into the heads of people who read it regularly, but I've been pretty lazy about it, and I can do better if I give it more attention. Certainly better than Eliezer, haha. Still thinking about whether I should do this; my blog fills a pretty complex role in my mental life.

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