May 19th, 2012


Thoughts on Postfeminism

Please forgive the intellectual sin, but while I've known many (mostly women, surprisingly) people who've described themself as postfeminist, I have never seen literature, theory, or anything well-sourced on the movement, so I'm going to give some thoughts on it after first having us reflect on the wikipedia page on the topic. Also please forgive the lack of great depth on the topic.

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And one more thing while I'm on the topic; let's ditch the term of "ally" for social justice. It's confused and demeaning; peple who take part in an activism are not (ideally) doing it on behalf of someone else; they're doing it because they believe it's the right thing to do. It fits their theory, their idea of justice, and they're willing to speak and act on its behalf. That's not being an ally. That's being a member. Social justice is not a herd of the injured and the sympathetic; it's a cause. Whatever your identity, feminism is open to you. Whatever your identity, anti-racism is open to you. Reject being marginalised in your own causes; be a member, not an ally. If somebody tries to marginalise you in your causes, reject it or leave the group. You may be asked to listen; do so, but never accept a greater obligation to do so. Learning to care and learning to listen will dissolve any privilege concerns others have, but those are universal obligations. Movements should not expect help when they collect obedient "allies" who are mostly present to listen; this breeds bad habits and closed-minds and stifles internal variety. Movements collect members. Be a member, or reject the movement.