November 22nd, 2012


Cruelty in Love

There is a great cruelty in making clear to someone that they're not someone you love-in-that-way at-this-time, and I still feel hurt and angry from each time that I've been on the receiving end of that, just as I feel guilt for each time I've been on the sending end. Yet without that pain, there's no way to prevent the emotional bonds from forming that would be an abomination if one-sided, which is why people must remember that it is a necessary, even productive pain in the right circumstances.

Those who never give or receive this are doing love wrong; there may be ways to achieve partial or full safety (divide one's affections among many, treat one's preferred partner gender as a sex toy, and so on), but they diminish joy as much as they diminish pain; the intimacy of two people is worth the experiences needed to get there.


Normativity in Practice

George Galloway's semi-recent statements on sexual etiquette are a great example of the shape of the line in the sand that I draw on offensive comments. I am anti-political correctness in the sense that I believe that people should not legally or socially be strongly nudged or required to care for the validation or feelings of belongingness of everyone in society, particularly those a bit off-the-beaten-path. I draw lines between toleration, acceptance, and validation, and comfortably place various groups into various categories and defend their placement differently. Collapse )