Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Salad, Talk, Calendar, and Job

Salad. It's great! I've fallen in love with salad from aplace very near where I presently work. You select youringredients. They have good variety, and mix whatever youlike into a nice salad. It tends to come with a bagel that'snot that great, but it rocks. I think, in retrospect, thatI like it better than most meaty meals I've ever had. Goodthing too -- apart from indian food, I'm fully veggie. It'seasy. I'm even finding myself often disgusted by the smell ofmeat. It's such a change.

Talk. I just have to say that it's much better to talk aboutissues than let them sit, unspoken, in one's head. I wasunsure, but I did it, and I'm feeling so much better now.

Calendar. Ever notice how people use calendars and other written-outstructured things so much more flexibly than they use softwaredesigned along the same ideas? There's something engaging about ablank box and a pen, something that, at least in laying out a form,needs that openness. I've never seen a calendar program I've beencomfortable with. I'm thinking about this phonomena -- how to letpeople store information in a way that feels natural to them,even should that way differ from day to day, and yet still have thatinformation digital, in searchable form, and convenient for a computerto process.

Ahh, yes. Job. Two things... my current job is winding down. I'mtransferring some of my knowledge to one of the people who's alreadythere, and they're busy at work bringing in a replacement for me.I was worried about the timing, but today I got an email, askingfor an interview, and it's for a really awesome job that I am veryexcited about. I'm making a trip to Pitts next monday to interviewin the morning. It's probably unwise to comment too much about thingsat this point, but I believe that this job is the perfect lead intomy future. I hope I get it, and believe that I am qualified andprobably one of the more enthusiastic people on the topic that they couldhire. If I get the job, then it, and my relationship, will make my lifedreams essentially be "in the bag" for me.

Ugh, very sleepy. Can't stay awake. Good night.

Tags: love, work

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