Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

That car had Hawaii plates!

I've had my mind on time recently. No, not the philosophicalconcept of time.. which I don't think about much because I thinkthat it's a waste of .. ermm.. time. Rather... I have 2 events loomingover me, like those giant highway signs you drive under that tell youwhat's where. I just passed one, actually. Debb is outta here.. well,for most intents and purposes. She leaves tomorrow -- I probably won'tsee her before she leaves (work). The next sign is that wonderful,exciting job interview on Monday. Finally, there's the actual movingprocess peeking at me.. my apartment is 14/15 days away from me. I'llrent a storage place first, and start moving stuff into it. Next weekis the end of my current job... nothing will be left after next friday,I don't think. Yeah. loom loom, over me. I'm sleepy. Please forgivemy odd phrasing that is oddly pleasing to me.

I saw a movie tonight w/ her... "Happiness"... Oy, what a strange movie.Fascinating, disturbing, definitely worth watching. Reader, if you havenot seen it yet, remember that it is disturbing, but recommended.

I might've had something more interesting to say... perhaps more metaphorcloaked in poetry.. but I'm far too tired to keep writing. It's strange...I was tired at work too. Normally, if I drink enough water, I get less tired,almost as if the tiredness is washed out of me in one of my frequent tripsto the restroom... but that didn't happen today. Still was tired afterwards.Maybe it's some lingering effect from my diet. Oh, on that topic, I'm goingto try to close the circle and give up meat entirely.. no more indian foodexception. Largely, I know I can get vegitable curries. Hmm. My cat is onmy lap. Cute.

Oh well, I really need to go to bed now. Tomorrow, I need to pack up thestuff that's going into storage at my parents' place for awhile, so I candeposit it at my parents when I stop by (and probably stay the night)Friday. Oddly, my life is beginning, by the crowdedness of the few plannedevents, to look like it temporarily has a proper schedule. Weird.

Sleep now.


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