March 18th, 2018


Still alive

Been feeling a bit nostalgic. Not about to return to LiveJournal - their new ownership is unfortunate, but I wanted to briefly note what's been up and where you can follow me if you're so inclined (assuming somebody will read this someday).

I'm living in Manhattan. I worked in industry for awhile (for some big tech companies), but now I'm back in academia (research foundation) doing neuroscience again, now with a heavy dose of machine learning.

I've picked up a few new programming languages. I generally like Python now, do some coding in Go, still love Perl and C.

My political views are still largely the same - techocratic socialist, anti-PC, for large supportive social programmes, against allyship and identity politics. I still write about it sometimes.

I worry about many of the large actors in the tech space, and also about political polarisation destroying both our political traditions (like free speech and trying to be careful when coming to judgement on things) and expertise.

My hair is starting to go grey. I get a lot of migraines nowadays - 4-20 hours lost most weeks. Depression and despair come and go. As of this writing, no kids, been single for a very long time. The years will eventually take me, probably not soon.

I look back on my times in Pittsburgh with a mix of happiness and regret, and deeply resent the polarisation of the cslounge crowd. It's following broader trends in society, but that's a shoddy excuse. I still miss many individuals, and allowing myself to miss the best version of people (before kat and some other sources of polarisation showed up), I miss many more.

Current contact information:
GChat - same as above
Blogging: (new platform - wrote this in Go)
Twitter: dachte

If you feel like reaching out, chatting or hanging out on twitter, go for it. Or if you're in NYC, reach out - maybe we could grab a meal.

G+ seems kinda dead. In the last few months I've been weaning myself off.
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