Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Null point

At work. Another day draws close to ending, businessneeds, server needs, support. He sits at his workstation.The song he remembered, searched and found yesterday boomsin his ears through the painful earplugs. Won't fit -- earsnot factory size. He finds the lyrics.. a language he once knewbetter. Japanese... a page with the translation on the right.It is another tragic song -- mournful and happy at the sametime. Spam continues to accumulate in his mailbox, and hisfingers flicker the attention of the system between it, the lyrics,and some work stuff that only occasionally needs attention.The first time he hears it, he doesn't feel much. The second time,he feels something, and is moved almost to tears near the end, wherethe song, for a round, switches to badly pronounced english. The thirdtime, the song gives him deep shivers. He stops the random cycle ofthe mp3 player after the third for awhile -- he cannot hear it,or anything else, again for a few moments, and needs a moment to reflect.


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