Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Strumming fingers

Tap tap tappaT pat pat

I wait.Let me in.. Let me out.

Arbeit, Heim. Mach schnell!

My successor is ready at my current job, and so I amin chess's endgame. I am waiting to hear back on if Iget the job I think I will love. My love is alreadythere, and I am still here. I am reminded of a memory --in the wave pool at an amusement park. Always, before thenext wave came, the pool pulled a good part of the water backinto the mechanism. While in the water, that pull didn't feellike a wave... instead, one feels slightly weightless, andgently sinks with the water level. The inevitable rush of waterafterwards distracts one from those strange sensations.

I think I need sleep. Maybe I'll snack first, or take a quick jogaround the neighborhood.

Tags: poetry, work

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