Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bigger entry soon

I got back yesterday from Pittsburgh, and will return theretomorrow, to take possession of my apartment. I have a bunchof thoughts, mostly recorded on the way home, that I shouldprobably note on here... I am feeling slightly ill too..I wonder if it's the car drives, or perhaps a change inelevation, that's doing this to me... my eyes feel warm,I am mildly constipated, and my body feels .. not right.I don't know how to describe it, just a general feelingof physical unease. I also think that I've been having mildmood swings. I hope I've been good company for the one I love..I do have an idea about what it might be -- I have, for quitea long time, gotten by on one meal a day, sometimes less, sometimessupplemented by snacks. Debb said that that puts the body into somekind of a starvation mode, making it very efficient with energy use,but causing difficulty in changing back or physical activity. I'vebeen in that eating habit for a few years, and I'm switching out ofit now. Things are naturally going to be a bit bumpy with my health, I think.I should probably send my body an apology letter. :)

I'm going to take a run now, to see if my constipation and mymood might improve. My apartment is temporarily stuffy anyhow,because they're spraying down the house with water and had meshut the windows. I'll probably have a lot of my car-spawnedthoughts to share once I get back, along with a report on wherethings are in the job situation. Tschau!


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