Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

First, a dream

I was driving through a big city, in a parking lot in a multilayerindustrial area. It was hilly, and it felt unzoned. I parked my car,and recognized a place. I grabbed a handful of my stuff, and leftthe car, winding my way through buildings until I saw the entranceto the place that seemed familiar. It was a semi-fancy building,and I went upstairs, and down the hall past several entrances, untilI hit the last one, which I remembered might be mine. I walked in, andquickly ran up the inner steps. But.. it was wrong. Too big.. far toobig, and far too fancy. This was a mansion, entrance hidden as anapartment. There was a family already in there (but no mother?) touring.I looked down at my paper, and saw that I got the address wrong. Iasked briefly for directions to 16th, and he said that he didn'tknow areas outside the city... but then I re-read my paper, and itsaid BelleFonte. I sighed, and looked at my stuff, which I had put down ona counter. It was all spread out and would be a pain to gather. I grabbedthe stuff with my mind, causing it to hover behind me as I turned aroundand started to walk back to my car. I noticed, on a mid-step platform onthe way down, a nice grand piano. Definitely not my place. I'll be theresoon.

Yeah, I just woke up, and this was my last night with my home base inColumbus. Today, I leave for the trip in which I get the keys to my newplace. I'm bringing more of my network there with me, and switching overmy phone as soon as I get there.

I meant to write some of the stuff in this entry (below) the day beforeyesterday, but I've been busy.

On the job front, the job I really want had its second interview with meon my last trip. They say I'll probably be hearing back from them aroundthe end of this week. I hope I get it -- it's such a good match for myinterests, but I've been hedging my bet, applying for a job at a localISP. I don't know if that job would be quite as cool, but they havetechnical tests of skill that are kind of fun. So far, the tests have been:

  • Mail them a ssh DSA public key (which they installed onto a guest account)
  • Install apache in that guest user's homedir
  • Write a form+CGI that mails people

Nothing very challenging, but at least worth some mild amusement while Iwait for the page to turn. Of course, I'll be without internet access soon.If they ask for something else, there'll be a delay.

Some thoughts I had in my last car ride back to Columbus..

A band that I was introduced to by someone at GoAntiques... Firewater..they used to have a website, but it now redirects to an internet gamblingsite. Error? Purchase of dead rights? Or some kind of statement? In anycase, it's worth some amusement.

Would it be possible to have a periodic table of reactions? Well, probablyno.. I imagine the characteristics of a reaction are best expressed interms of the parent elements. Sometimes sideways speculations can beinteresting, but one gets a lot of duds, like this one :)

Amusement.. There is a common perception that people with different carcolors tend to behave differently. Anecdotally, it seems true to me.Could there be meaning in this? Perhaps there is a self-selection --people buy cars of 'fast colors' like red or black to show off? If so,this would be a self perpetuating association, that might concievablyhave had no base in anything at all. Except.. we might imagine thereto be some basis for the association -- different colors do affectpeoples moods differently. Hmm.

Imagery.. Driving down a highway imaged as people sitting at a reststop, bored, still, on benches. They fade out, new people fade in,as you move along and grow more near or far from them.

Imagery.. He slowed his highway race, having spotted the hand of godin the sky. It was up there, curled fingers, thumb.. a bright beacon.Again, the inner arguments, the demons of religion within taunt himwith various interpretations and spirituality. What's behind thecurtain? Well, I saw a funny-shaped gap in a cloud, and it looked likea hand. Heh.

So, put the world on hold, I'm thinking!

Well, back to the present, I went to town addiction last nightwith Leon and Jeff, and we spoke of many philosophical things.Sadly, I grew sleepy, and remember very little of it.

That's it, and quite possibly my last journal entry for awhile.My family of systems is going to be seperated, and even when alltogether again, will be in a place without easy internet access.

Well, here we go. My NFS server torgo is shutting down. I'llbe shutting down holly momentarily. I likely will leave forresterhere, for now. Time to finish packing, and to go.$ shutdown -g0 -i0 -y

Tags: dreams, work

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