Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blinded (OFFLINE)

This entry is made while I'm in Pittsburgh, partially moved into mynew place. No network, no landline, no cablemodem. I recently hookedinto apknet to fetch my mail, but /bin/mail malfunctioned, and mymail from the last day (and a few hours) disappeared into the void.Whee! I hope they make nightly backups.

I feel so lessened without internet access. The internet, from anetwork of unix systems on a perminent connection, has a specialfeel to it for me. Feels like I'm swimming in information.But now I'm wading in mud, and just tripped on a submerged log.Still, I like my new place, and hope that the job will comethrough. Even with the meager setup I've done so far, it feels likehome. I need to make a trip to Ikea or somewhere to get a nice, bigfuton once I know I have an income. I'll make this place so nice...It's just the right size for me, I think.

Oh, as for the topic, a few minutes ago, I was setting up the localnetwork, and while untangling an ethernet cable, it swooped acrossmy left eye. There's no pain like eye pain. I was completelyincapacitated for about five minutes, and it still has a mild painin it.

That's all for now, folks! I don't know when you'll be reading thisanyway -- until I get some kind of a decent connection, or a jobwith a good, stable connection, this isn't going anywhere.Down I go to check on my laundry.. ahh.. that's such a great thingabout this place... Once I get my pets here, I'll be content.

Tags: tech

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