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Probably the last Wikipedia-centric post for awhile...

Taipei, capital of Taiwan, was chosen for Wikimania 2007. I was initially a bit worried about the cost to fly out there (about $1100, if prices stay steady), but thinking about it, I've never been anywhere in Asia, and Taiwan would be a fine place for a first visit. I can swing $1100 (plus misc costs) - it'll be worth it. If for some reason I can save a bit more, I might see Kyoto as another leg on the trip - it's worth considering. My friend Mac might offer me a list of places to see while there when the time comes closer - I'd like to try to convince him to go. Not only is he the smartest person I know (one of those rare business-savy geek geniuses -- he is CTO of several companies, founder of a few others), he's from the area (well, at least from somewhere in Taiwan).

Looking over that city bid, I am impressed at the generosity of the as-of-yet unnamed sponsor(s) - apparently all the building cost, dorm costs, catering costs, and party costs are covered by those sponsors. The local organisers must've done a really good job at securing those sponsorships.

A natural downside to any city winning is that the other cities lose - I would've loved to have seen Alexandria (the downside is that I would probably feel obligated to stay another week to see all the museums and similar). Some part of me wonders if it's really a good idea to have all the resources expended to have these things at such distant places, but then part of the goal of Wikimania is community building, and if mixing the idea of vacation in helps, that's probably not an issue. I do feel bad for the teams who organised things on the lost bids... I don't think the bid system can or should be changed, because the results are so nice, but it's unfortunate that the losing bids are mostly wasted effort.

On another note, I am addicted to two Dresden Dolls songs, "Sex Changes" and "Dirty Business". I've had them looped back-to-back for the last half hour. Mmm. Bedtime though..

Studying for the Chainmail class is going pretty well - the tough part for me seems to be memorising the names for the types of armour that cover various parts of the body. Hopefully by the time I go to sleep tomorrow I'll have in my head the difference between a Hauberk, a Coif, and a Pixane (among others). It might be worth making a web-based shuffling quiz-CGI.

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