Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

They made it by the skin of their teeth

Well, the thing is, if you have skin on your teeth, you seriouslyneed to brush more. Bleh. It's been awhile since I've actuallyposted an entry, and this isn't actually entered in the normal way.Let's summarize:

  • I moved to Pittsburgh around the 14th of August, to be with the one I love
  • I ate some hot peppers that were too hot, and had to go to a hospital
  • I was hired by Carnegie Mellon University
  • My car's brakes had serious problems, so I took it in, and had them and the wipers fixed
  • I've spent lots of time with a really wonderful person who I love
  • I now enjoy a good run almost every day, and just today started to swim before work in the morning

So, that's where I am. Sadly, it appears that my moving curse hasstruck again -- my laptop is at the very early stages of diskfailure. It probably has a while left to go, but I no longer cantrust it. I hope that running with it to/from CMU isn't responsible.Yet another thing I need to take care of once my finances arehealthy again. Oh well. Overall, I'm very happy with life.

Tags: work

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