Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Two-piece suit

She sat on the couch, and had no place in this life. She hadn'tbeen born yet -- would be in ten years. Time travel is hard, theyhad said. She could barely feel the thoughts in her brain overthe constant buzz of the alcohol. She would never seen them again...Steering history is hard, but changing it is easy. Her life was spentone-shot mission, and now all that's left is a husk. The TV flickers,and hums, as she sits, the sanity gone from her eyes.

Today was a rather good day. I lost my phone a few days ago, but I gota much cheaper replacement that should do quite nicely. I also spentanother day with the one I love. It's so wonderful.But I can't keepy my eyes open. Heh... I'm a morning person now.

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Tags: dreams

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