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I've rolled and slid parts of my life around again...more of the colors I focus on are together, but at thecost of disrupting other patterns. I'm still an amateurin Rubik-space, unable to grasp the deep pattern thatwill take me to order in all facets. And yet, it's moreglorious, in a way, to be the beginner in this game thanthe expert. More percieved freedom, versus the boring algorithmthat is the solution.

Reworked Israel/Palestine thoughts...It appears that the current political climate in Israel mightbe aimed at acting better. And yet, there's talk about expellingArafat. Hmm. What should happen? I've been thinking aboutthe argument by someone that suggested thatbecause Israel is a good, democratic government, it's nation should be givenprecedence over the nation of a likely Palestinian autocratic theocracy.I can't quite buy it -- Israel allows far too much religious influence inits structure, and some practices, such as the right of return, areblatantly racist and completely unacceptable. Yet, despite these faults,he does have a point -- the Israeli government, despite not beingstructured in an ideal wayLINK and despite its racist/religious undertones,does have a better structure than what the Palestinians likely would form.As to the territorial claims, and my prior arguments, there's a flaw.In sum, I argued that any living Palestinians from before Israel's birthwould invalidate it's existence. That's too harsh, to weigh the existanceof a nation based on smaller territorial claims. Instead, I propose thatany Palestinians that predated Israel be given back their exact, personalland from before the expulsion/flight, and nothing more. I believe thatthis is the minority of cases. As for the settlers, their lands and structuresshould be immediately returned to personal Palestinian control. As forPalestinian statehood, I don't know. I might be inclined to suggest thatlarge continuous lands that are under Palestinian control should begranted to them should they desire it. The Israeli government needs to bereformed. The Right of Return policy should end immediately, or itshould be extended to permit the return of all Palestinians. Those whoparticipated in that expulsion, settlements, and the systematic oppressionshould be jailed. The religious laws should be purged, and the right-wingersadvocating for the expulsion of all Arabs should be removed from government.There, that's my position on Israel/Palestine. As noted, it's based onechos of Leon, and thoughts on the likely form that the Palestinian statewould take. Theocracy is unforgivable.

Work is going well, with plenty of interesting projects, responsibilities,and people. I am working on C-Fortran bridge code though, and that's notparticularly easy. I tend to get nasty headaches after working for itfor long enough, and this note is written in one of the breaks I need.It's almost certainly the least pleasant programming task I've had recently.Still, at least everyone around me is nice. I'm glad that I got away fromthe pit that was that McLeod job. I regret that I didn't stay at GoAntiqueslonger, but for Debb, I would give up everything.

I find myself missing some of my friends... Jason's in Cleveland, Aug, Lorie,Jeff, and Amanda are back in Columbus, and I've found myself wonderingwhere Woody is recently. He used to have a website..

LINK It's democratic structure is, however, based on the idea of coalitiongovernments, and I do think that that makes for a healthier democracy thanwhat we have here in the states.

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