Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

From Fiction to Fact

Q: What did the Atheist say to the Rabbi?A (still to be determined)

I've been trying to get my laptop to rip a badly scratched CD,using a piece of software called cdparanoia. I left it runningovernight, and came into work to find it off and unwilling to turnon. I paniced for a while -- I can't afford a new laptop right now,and I really need what it does for me. So.. wandering through Apple'ssite trying to find the cheapest replacement I can afford, I decidedto amuse myself with a help page dealing with systems not turning on.I unplugged everything, took the battery out, and pressed the penbutton it suggested, and surprisingly it came back on afterwards.I'm glad I found that. I've lost a power supply once to trying to ripsomething overnight, and was sure that I had done the same here.

I'm sure I had more to say.. but I've gotten distracted by something.Oh well. Maybe I'll add more to this entry later.


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