Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stage Right...

Debb and I got a cute cat today.. BEEFalo. Hehe... it's a veryyoung kitten. She's very fast, very cute, and is delightful.Just like Debb :)

In other news...Israeli politics remain interesting. Sharon lost the support oftheir Labour party, and so is trying to maintain power by drawingon some really nasty right-wing groups. These groups float somewherein the murky void of my distatste somewhere between the Americanright-fringe (e.g. Billy Graham, that racist bastard), and the infamousnasties, such as Stalin.

At work, I'm working on some really frustrating, weird integration work.I'm trying to hook fortran libraries into our C framework, and am gettingsmall errors that, cumulatively, bring the results of calculations thelibraries are supposed to perform away from where they're supposedto be. *VERY* frustrating.

I'll write more later, I think.

Tags: israel, pets, programming

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