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On Israeli politics... Sharon doesn't want to lose the supportof Washington, and he also was forced to make a deal, so there'llbe new elections for their parliament. I presume that means thatdifferent parties will grow or shrink. I suppose if I were in Israel,I'd probably support the Labour party -- Ben Eliezer seems to me tohave the most respectable positions (from what I've read). Thedissolution of the alliances that held together the arrangement that'snow shattered seems to have been over a genuinely important issue..It's always irritating when people refuse to comprimise and say somethingalong the lines of 'this is no time for politics'. BushJr played it heavily,and Sharon played it here too. What does that mean? Is it a suggestion thatopponents should play follow the leader, and give them whatever they want?

There's an upcoming large party meeting this week in China... interestingthings might happen. I've been reading about a number of the Taiwaneseand Chinese capitalists joining the Communist party there. Strange...In practice, it appears that capitalism+bureaucracy yields more corruptionthan plain bureaucracy. It is of my opinion that capitalism yields somecorruption in democratic states... I wonder how I should define corruption,in the broad political sense... perhaps deviation from the declaredgoals and structure of a system, in the interests of those who are causingthat deviation. With this first stab of a definition, we can see howthe distortion of governmental structures is going to happen in almost anypolitical system by business interests (not to single them out -- anyone withpower poses the same threat.. but money is especially powerful in democracies,with the media as omnipresent as it is). Hmm... I wonder how the ChineseBureaucracy compared to the Soviet one... I wonder if there's a way to betterconfuse or misdirect the powerful, so their efforts are hampered in waysthat don't seem attackable, and so their power is, so much as possible,leaked off harmlessly. In some ways, this might be seen as one ofthe more important functions of government -- to harness and diffuse thepower of those strong enough to be a threat to the state (and its people,perhaps). Democracy does it, Communism does it, the Feudal system did it.This lets me actually see the 'other side' of reform arguments that aredesigned to simplify power structures and clear out crud. Should I endorsethat strategy? Hmm.

I'm happy at work. They seem to like me. Yay.

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