Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Obsessive cat, rehash on spirituality of music

Cats often seem to take on some characteristics of their owners..Wally, my cat from the martha times, is kind of obsessive, neurotic,and has a tendency to crowd me. He likes to complain to me, and followsme everywhere, periodically yowling for no reason for minutes at a time.Beefalo, the cat of Debb and me, is hyperactive, extremely inquisitive,and very very shameless. Both of them are very much people cats, snugglyand often playful. Maybe all this is a metaphor for how much Debb meansto me.

Tonight, Debb and I watched Beetlejuice. I'm reminded of theflamboyant twistedness that is the theme of that movie... it's one ofthose songs that's part of my internal jukebox -- part of me.I kind of miss my string bass... or maybe a piano would be fun to have.I think my parents once gave me a guitar -- I wonder if it's in storageat their place... I'd like to dig it out. I wonder.. perhaps redundantly,if the 'spiritual' feelings people feel about their gods are the sameor similar to those they feel about their nation, or how I feel aboutmusic. Can we make a coherent framework of emotions? Are these reallyemotions, or do they mix in a bit of interpretation/reasons for emotionsin them? Such a tangle of definitions...

If I could design a cosmology, what kind of afterlives would I put init? Perhaps an infinitely large house, rooms going on and on, sparselypopulated, none of them owned, people could just wander along forever,or settle in a place for awhile... It'd be interesting, the navigationmeans we normally use in a house on the small scale, becoming a way oflife. Except... it should have an outside. I just don't know how to makeit coherently fit into that framework. Oh well -- daydreams are cheap.

Tags: pets, philosophy

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