Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Music and Lights

Yesterday, while heading back from Debb's, I heard on the radioa beautiful piece of classical music. I had heard it before, andprobably played it back in orchestra, but I can't recall it'sname. It sounded a bit like Vivaldi, but the radio station saidthat it was Beethoven. I wish I had remembered it's name. I enjoyedit so much that I maxed out my car's speakers for once in a very long time.It's rare that people play classical music loud.. Must be a personalitything, or perhaps that a lot of classical music has gentle parts whereit would be obscene to amplify. Not this piece -- it's lively from frontto end. I spent a good hour seeking it out, to no avail, on However,I did have a great time listening to all sorts of other pieces I haven'theard for awhile. I'm probably going to spend some good time researchingdirectors, and then get a lot of CDs from directors that interpret classicalmusic the way I like. Perhaps a bit like how with my Joseph CDs, I have 3 or 4of them, different variations, so I can hear how the singers and renditionsvary. I do have a few other Joseph CDs that I regret buying, and they're lyingin storage somewhere. *shrug*

Take a look at this. Yeah Shinui!I hesitate to say this, knowing only as much about them as that blurb, butI hope they win.

I'm growing increasingly dissatisfied with my car. I want to replace it witha hybrid-electric. I'm currently researching the Insight, the Prius, and theCivic HEV. Anyone knowing of other HEV vehicles I should consider shoulddrop me an email.

Tags: israel, music

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