Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Quiet insanity

My AIM client is apparently not recieving all the messages thatare being sent to it. I really only noticed this when my mom andI were having a conversation, and both of us thought that the otherwasn't making much sense. It might've been happening before too,without me noticing it. This is extremely irritating -- I wonderif it's the fault of gaim, aim on her system, or perhaps a sign thatthe underlying transport is unreliable.

It reminds me of an old paranoid fear I used to have (not sure if I stilldo) -- that I'm 'not all there', and might be shrieking or babbling allthe time, but somehow I'm incapable of realizing when this happens,and people don't tell me because I'll either forget it or get hystericaland then forget it. Inaccurate memory is a philosophical nightmare.The sad thing is, we all have that to an extent.

Have been listening to some more music, and singing along when nobody'snear enough to hear. Fun.


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