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Politics, politics, politics...Isensethere'ssomethinginthewind



On the last thing, I've been wondering what it'd take to redo my website in XML,making it similarly themable. It wouldn't be too hard -- the only reason I'm notjumping to do it is that XML is ugly. Maybe I'd get used to it.

Ahh.. it's wonderful to be in a happy relationship on valentine's day.Yeah, it's just another day, a manufactured holiday.. but oddly, it seems tomatter to me. On that note, I seem to have lost a lot of the fanaticism Ionce had. I find that I actually often can't stomach sentient, the fiery mailinglist of SFF, all that often anymore. It's now filtered right into its mailfolder (used to land in my inbox, and after being read, I'd move it there). AmI getting old? I've never had an infinitely deep stomach for such things, butrecently I've just found that my passion for conflict and argument has fadedquite a lot. I wonder if this is a long-term change. I still have things to say,philosophically, but I feel like I've lost something, and am not sure how much Ireally miss it. It's strange... watching people at work have have passionatearguments about vim versus emacs, FreeBSD versus Linux... and not joining inbecause I just don't care that much anymore.

Tags: love, politics, tech

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