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Turkey recently banned a political party called Hadepbecause of its ties to another party they banned sometime ago called the PKK. The PKK is a political unionof Kurds which want to secede from Turkey and reestablishKurdistan, so much as is possible within Turkey's borders.They've used military action to aid that quest. These are,of course, Turkish versions of the Iraqi Kurds, who also haveattempted to overthrow areas of Iraq under their control.Historical Kurdistan was very large, so Iran and some otherneighboring countries have to deal with these issues. The Kurdsare a recent fascination of mine. What can be done whenthere is a group of people who insist they are a nation and thatthey want to restore their country, where there's already acountry? This is kind of similar in some ways to the Israeli-Palestinianstatehood conflict. I think I've abandoned judgement in that case, and don'treally have much of an opinion in this one. It really does explaina lot of atrocities on either side though, in both conflicts. Nationsmatter a lot to people, and countries are an important way to expressa nation. People attach a lot of significance to historical roots.Kurds keep temporarily taking over parts of Iraq, and Iraq strikesback, asassinating, tear gassing, and bringing in the tanks to keeporder. Both are struggling for the same thing, and there's really nothingthat can save them from the conflict.

One thing that does bother me is when people just listen to the propogandathat BushJr spits out about how the Kurds are universal victims. Not allKurds identify in that way with a Kurdish nation. Most (from what polls I'veseen from Turkey) do. They choose their identity, they choose this struggle.Not that there isn't a big price to be paid, but people can often choose to justwalk away from these kinds of struggles if they decide that they're notimportant to them.

Back to work..

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