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Pat Gunn

Not quite dead

It's been awhile since I wrote here, I think.The reason is that one week ago, I had all 4 of my wisdom teethremoved. Although from what I've heard, I'm dealing ratherwell with it, it's by no means a pleasant experience. LastWednesday, my mom came into town, we went to the UPMC building,to the dental surgeons, and I lay down on the chair. They stuckan IV into me (never a good thing -- needles make me very dizzy),I began to feel ill and mentioned such, and I remember nothing after that.I only vaguely remember the rest of the day -- Debb and my mom werethere, my mom cleaned my apartment, and presumably my mom left eventually.I might have vomited sometime during that day too.I mostly remember Thursday -- I was really out of it, had troubleconcentrating or thinking, and I stayed home. I alternated betweenreading, doing stuff on the computer, and sleeping. On Friday, Iwent to work. I had a very low attention span, but managed to getsome stuff done. BushJr started his war early this day. More on that later.Near the end of the day, I went and saw a presentationby a company called Axicon that developed the gearbox for the Segway.They had 2 Segways there, and afterwards I got to ride one. More on thatlater as well. Partway through walking home, Debb came and picked me up. Shewas having a bad day because one of her law professors did somethingrather cruel. The weekend went ok, but late Sunday, the pain started toreally pick up. I think my other teeth noticed that those back teeth aregone, and they're starting to shift back. The upper teeth are completelyok -- no pain or discomfort there. The lower ones are the bad ones --at times they bring me into tearful agony, and that pain can give me ahorrible headache to match. Fortunately, they come and go, and Ibuprofinhelps. The doctors gave me an opium-based pill that I can take if need be,but I've been trying to avoid it because I don't like the idea of takingthat stuff. Still, I'm doing ok right now, and hopefully things will staybetter.

The segway was really fun to ride. They do look pretty stupid (especiallywhen not moving), but being on one was a joy. They're designed so thatit'd be very difficult to fall over. I imagine that one could get proficiencyin their use in about 30 minutes -- during the 2 minutes or so I got to ride,I, like the 50 other geeks at the seminar, was a bit wobbly. I think the 2things one would learn during that period would be to moreprecisely control one's lean forward and back, and to eliminate one'sinstinctual inclination to keep correcting a slight lean while standing.I'd love to have a Segway... if only they wern't so expensive... Amazon hasthem for sale for $5000...

Well, it looks like BushJr decided to go ahead with war. He started anattack last Friday. I personally see little reason for this war. It'snot about the Kurds -- there's little hope of them getting the countrythey want out of this. Such a country would be seen as a major threatto Iraq, Iran, and Turkey (not militarily, but that it would encourageKurdish regions within their borders to revolt and join Kurdistan).I don't think it's about Iraq's internal politics -- there are many othercountries with politics similar to those brought about by the Baathists.Further, Iraq might have one of the more secular governments in the region,placing them ideologically distant from bin Laden and other such terrorists.Does Iraq support terror? Well, there's an intense dislike of the U.S., butthat's not really that uncommon for that region, and in my opinion, sensiblepeople should at least be pretty skeptical about U.S. foreign policy. There haven't been credible ties shown between Iraq and terrorist activities,and the idea of ties between Al Qaeda and the Baathists is laughable.Is Iraq agressive towards their neighbors? Not particularly -- the Iran-Iraqwar was provoked by Iran, and Kuwait was about shared oilfields and economics.Iraq is by no means a nice country, and Saddam is no Jimmy Carter, but it'sactions are unremarkable for the region. Further, BushJr put forth the weaponsinspectors and the U.N. as legitimate means to judge Iraq, and then disregardedthem when they didn't justify his agression. I don't think Iraq should've beenforced to disarm in the first place, but I think there's a certain commitmentthat BushJr made in putting forth those means, and that by disregarding themwhen they didn't point his way, he reveals them to be little more than anattempt at propoganda. So, all in all, I have no respect for Bush's reasonsor process with this war. I'd be pleased if it could just be resolved byputting him and Saddam in a room, each armed with a few hand grenades, andletting them fight it out. OTOH, like with Saddam, there's very little hope ofdecent rule in Washington until BushJr's regime is completely removed frompower. Ridge, Cheney, BushJr, and all those folks need to go. I hope the nextelection goes better.. I think the problem with the last one was that thedemocrats didn't have decent candicates. It wouldn't've been hard to beat Bushif only they had had non-scary people running. I hereby promise to vote for thefirst time in a U.S. presidential election if Howard Dean wins the nomination(provided he doesn't run with someone scary). I guess politics is always agame of "good enough". Reminds me of that Cyndi Lauper song...

Tags: politics, tech

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