Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Taxes, Iraqses

So... I recently did my taxes again. It was kind of last-minute --in moving, I didn't get my W2 from GoAntiques, so I had to call them,and then call their HR company, to get the forms. Still, it turnedout ok -- I filed online, and although I had to write Ohio a checkfor $180 or so, the Federal Govt owes me about $900. Booyah.

Debb and I went to an Avril concert not too long ago either, andit was neat. I haven't been to a concert of any kind for years..This one was in an arena in UPitt, and it wasfilled to the brim with teenage girls. Debb and I felt kind of old.Avril is also very small -- surprisingly so. The music was good, andI had a good time.

I also had my first Seder dinner recently, and it was pretty interesting.It's the first of many to come, I'm sure :)

Finally, Debb had a race recently -- she did really well, despite havinga bum bike. She's an amazing person.

On Iraq.. It looks like the war is mostly done, and BushJr is lookingfor the next pie he can stick his thumb in. The role of the U.N. is inquestion for reconstruction efforts -- largely because of economic reasons,I think. BushJr wants to be in the position to hand out reconstructionand infrastructure contracts to American businesses, and if the U.N. getstoo involved, that's threatened. Well, this certainly isn't a war aboutideals in any sense. I think it's mainly about BushJr's ego and businessinterests, neither of which are really good for the world. Oh well.

Tags: politics

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