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Pat Gunn

Posing for show

There are (at least) two stages in which politics takes place.There's the 'surface' understanding of politics, which getsreported every day and joe random understands, and then there'sa slightly deeper stage that's still accessible, but people whodon't take the time to follow politics and apply appropriatecynicism can't see.

The Bush administration has made a big deal, in the recent war,of pointing out that there are a lot of countries that supportedhis agression. Surface meaning. Simple. On the news.

The American government offers significant financial incentives andpunishment, as needed, to shape other countries, and does this frequently.The U.S. is big enough that such involvement can make or break a country'seconomy. Deeper meaning. Takes a bit more awareness of current events,and is not on the news every night.

Of course, this isn't something unique to conservatives.

A few other thoughts. I'm learning neat stuff at work, to help me maintainsomething that was written by a Java person who's leaving. JSPs and servletscan do some pretty neat stuff. I've been thinking about colocation for along time, and, once I arrange where I'm living next year and figure outthe finances in that, I'll probably set that up.

A lot of the time, happiness is something that's part of the interpretationof situations.

I've been having problems with bad heartburn and acidy breath, but recently Ispoke with my doctor, he gave me Nexium (yeah, that purple pill, from the ad),and today I had indian food, without pain or discomfort, for the first timein awhile. Booyah. It might've just been coincidence, and I won't know forsure until I've had it for awhile, but so far, I'm happy. I wish it wern't soexpensive, but it's worth it if it keeps doing what (I think) it did.

As a final note, I really love Debb. She's awesome!

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