Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fertile Ground

I'm going to try to pull an August. I'll explain later.From what I can tell, there really arn't any big atheist/agnostic/etccommunities in Pittsburgh. There used to be several groups, someassociated with the University of Pittsburgh, some with CMU, andtheir remains are scattered through old webpages and stuff, butall I see now is a Humanist Community. I called them up, and they'reactually meeting tonight in a Unitarian church. They meet once a month,have no discussion list, and are fairly small. I'd love to see what canbe done around here with all the atheists/agnostics/etc that googling hasrevealed on Pitt and CMU campuses. Maybe I'll start a group, maybe I'll revive one or try to take up a leadershipposition in one. To explain my earlier comment, August Brunsman, a friendfrom Columbus, started a group called Studentsfor Freethought, which met on the Ohio Statecampus. It was really neat, and it attracted a large number of really interesting people. So... I'm going to tonight's meeting, and to the planning meeting afterwards,and after making sure I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, I'm going tosee if I can do what August did -- bootstrap a community of sciency,atheist/agnostic folk.

Tags: philosophy

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