Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

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Yesterday I signed my lease for the new place. Yay. Money willbe a bit tight, because I decided to go to the ORA Perl Conference 7this year, and although I was able to reuse my unused payment forthe conference from last year, I don't still have the old ticket, andwas only able to squeeze some money out of the cancelled vacationto put towards it. Stupid transfer fees.. Oh well. Last night, I alsowent to a Perl user's group meeting, and socialized. It was fun,although because I arrived late (had to drive out to timbuktu tosign the lease), I got poor seating. *shrug*

It looks like there are actually a lot of things to do in Pittsburgh,and although there will probably still be lonely nights, like tonight,I won't perpetually have nothing to do. I guess maybe I'll take my camerato one of the parks again, and/or drive somewhere to hunt down some ofthe liquid soap I really like (It's Lava brand, in case you'rewondering). Andrew's back from vacation today, so I got some good stuffdone at work. Now it's time to go enjoy the rest of the day outside withsome sun and soap :)

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