Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Biblical on yo ass

Heh. Always wanted to use that phrase, although I fear thatin this case, it's not really accurate. Anyhow, here goes..

An the time come to go home from his place of work, Pat didstep away from his work computer, turning off the LCD. Hisbackpack with books he strapped around himself, and in hishand, there was held a CD player. The door to his office closedwith his own hands, he placed the earphones over his ears, pressedplay, and then adjusted the volume to his liking. Ahh, the joy ofOingo Boingo in his ears! He then did lock the cd player to preventaccidental button pressing, and walked out of his building. Inthe usual way, he ran home, taking the fun route down Westminsterstreet (for he liked both the name and the beauty of the route).Finally at home, he showered, stuffed a change of clothing and aSlim-Fast into his bag, and briefly played on the computer, andthen to his car he went. Yea! The car sat as it did yesterday, ahumble servant to his needs. He took more garbage from the rearto the trash can, having continually been making lazy progress bymoving a handful most times he used his car, and then placed himselfand the bag in it. He then drove to the park near his future home,and parked, and with his bag, began to run the circle. There werea great number of people out, walking, running, riding bikes, withdogs, friends, and children in strollers. He stopped for a time ata lake down some stairs, and read a book he brought whilst drinkingthe SlimFast and getting some sun. Eventually, he felt like readingno longer, and went back up and continued the trail. Making it backto the top, he reached his car, and put the bag back inside. Hethen ran back around the trail twice, enjoying the scenery and theactivity, and finally returned to his car. Fetching the Perl DBI bookagain, he continued to read for a bit, allowing his legs to rest.He looked down at them, and thought "Alas! I am such a wimp to beso tired from that jaunt". Finally, he got up, ran around the areaa bit more, remembering the sad events that had transpired almost aweek before there, and then returned to his car. He removed hisshirt, which by then was very moist, and placed upon himself, afterwiping off with the old, the fresh garment he had brought, applyingnew deodorant. He thought for a moment, and decided to seek the soapof the ancients. Starting the car, he took the .. oh, bleh, this styleis really starting to get old.

Anyhow, I really like Lava brand liquid soap. It's strong stuff, and hasa nice gritty feel on the skin. There are really only two supermarketsin town, Giant Eagle and StopNSave, with Giant Eagle being much moredominant. The closest StopNSave to Squirrel Hill/Shadyside closedbecause of some kind of earthquake damage, and Giant Eagle doesn'tcarry the liquid form of Lava soap. So, I drove backout to Timbuktu (McKnight road, near where my new landlord's dentalpractice is), and went to the StopNSave there. I hate driving, andespecially hate driving long distances (I get bored, and traffic jamsfrustrate the foo out of me), so I bought 5 containers of the stuff(that's a lot of lava soap). I was going to pick up some food there too,and was wandering down the isles, but nothing really struck me asyummy -- all I got was grape juice. I no longer consider myself a vegitarian,but somehow the meat didn't seem all that appealing to me, so maybe I'llremain effectively so just out of habit and changed signals from what mybody tells me. I know that at least Chicken no longer has any appeal to me,Pork never did, and Ham/Bacon/etc I always found disgusting (they have anasty taste). I haven't tried Beef again yet, and maybe I'll be able toget back into steaks and hamburgers, but I really don't know, and probablywon't until I sit down in front of one and try eating it. I've somehow gottena dislike of the taste of chicken through my eating some the other day. *shrug*

My legs are pretty sore, but overall I think yesterday was worthwhile. I'mgoing to need to fix my bike soon though .. well, have it fixed. Anyhow,here are some things I'm happy about with my life.

  • I'm in a beautiful city, and in a particularly beautiful area of it. Squirrel Hill and the surrounding area has really awesome parks, with places where you can feel like there's noone around for miles. The hills give a majestic feel to the place, providing the grace that rich people would pay millions to architects to emulate
  • I'm growing as an individual - Debb shattered a lot of my negative views on athleticism, and so I've been forced to look at my body and lifestyle with clear eyes for the first time in a long time. It'll be an uphill struggle, but I'm going to run and bike and hike and do all the fun stuff that I should've been doing all along, when I'm ready. I've also been dragged out of reclusion and many of the habits thereof. I'm still working on poking through the shell with my beak, but I'm freer than I've been for awhile.
  • I have a job where I'm doing interesting things, I'm not pressured too much about deadlines, and everyone's nice and not abusive. The pay's decent too. I'm actually learning new stuff here too.
  • My career future is on its way -- I'm going to start taking classes towards a PhD in the fall
  • I'm going to work on reviving the atheist/agnostic community around here. I'm going to be doing a lot of the research this weekend.
  • There are all sorts of neat techie societies around here, like PerlMongers
  • I'm listening to good music, and have plenty. Right now, it's some good german techno, and earlier it was some nice klezmer. I might listen to some pop-punk or comedy music next...
  • Although my daughter cat went with Debb, I still have my son cat Wally.
  • My apartment for next year really really kicks butt. It's bigger, still has free laundry, and gets me into Squirrel Hill. It's also right near my favorite park in Pittsburgh. More on this in my next entry.
  • Although I loathe my car with passion, it hasn't been acting up for quite awhile now. Of course, it's been getting a lot less to do recently, and will be getting still less in the future.
  • I got to visit the 2 Iggies that stayed in the family recently. They're big, and healthy, and still very cute.
  • There are lots of nice sciency museums around, and all sorts of places to get interesting things to look at in my microscope.

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