Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Lazy me

I'm so lazy :) I woke up around 8 (can't seem to manage to sleep inanymore), but I've just been cleaning my place and starting to thinkabout moving, instead of going outside to enjoy the day. Well, I'mfinally all showered...

Anyhow, when I got back from Starbucks last night, I was really tired(it was late), and so I have some more notes.

Everyone there had a laptop. Well, not everyone, but well over 3/4 ofthe people in starbucks did, from middle schoolers to retirees. I guessI didn't anticipate spending a lot more time in coffeeshops, but nowI probably will, at least for awhile. If I'm going to be doing that,I really should have a laptop, because I like to program but I alsodon't like spending too much time in my apartment. Money's gonna betight for awhile (and I need to scrape together the money for first month'srent in the new place within a few days -- no easy task given my recentfinancial scrambling to arrange for the Perl Conference), so I might needto delay the laptop for awhile... hmm. Lists of things I want are fun. Here'sone, which is a little bit blue-sky:

  • A co-located server somewhere, which I might share with suitably geeky other people
  • A nice, decent laptop which can run Linux
  • A Toyota Prius. Interestingly, the toyota site suggests that their new 2004 model has improvements to the hybrid system, with lower emissions(*woo*), higher fuel efficiency(*yeah*), and better acceleration (*shrug*) I really should read more about this, both for drool factor and because I'm curious what they changed, and how it works. Anyhow, kudos to Toyota for producing a fuel-efficient, less polluting car!
  • A Segway - I got to ride one a few months ago at a presentation at CMU, and it was fun. I'd like to own one, but in reality, I would have somewhat mixed feelings about it because I probably wouldn't be as strongly tempted to run if I could ride, and riding wouldn't help keep me healthy. Wierd mixed feelings..
  • A pair of scissors, so I can start to make a scrapbook (not everything should be blue-sky)
  • Several books on amazon (to add to the end of my moderately large to-read list)
  • Some running shoes

Actually, I can probably take care of some of that stuff today if I stopwriting the journal and leave my place :) On the agenda is:A walk in the park, some nice Knish or MatzohSoup at a local restaurant,some time in a bookstore, and probably some time in Starbucks, later atnight. Maybe I should've visited Columbus this weekend. I still could,but it's a bit late to make arrangements. I could visit my parents inBrecksville again, and see my grandparents more, who I haven't gotten tospend much time with. Speaking of which, I should visit my othergrandma in texas soon.

Oh well. I have essays to write, things to read, a walk to take, food toeat, and when I get back, a webpage to update (maybe). I can't dillydallyany longer, or the day will begin to come to a close.

Oh, and as a final note, here's a link to the website for thelava soap I love so much. The thing that I bought several of is the biggestcontainer there.

Beeeeeef out, yo!


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