Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fire Alarm

At work, there was a fire alarm, and it really sucked.I was in a committee meeting, and the loud alarm went off, soeveryone in the building went outside .. into the rain. We waitedout there for about half an hour, and finally they turned it off.During that time, I got to see the normal contents of Newell-SimonHall for the first time, all together. Lots of races, lots of geekiness.It's funny how different the geeks dress and act than the non-techiestaff. I, of course, am a geek. Anyhow, it was neat for about 5 minutes..So, after we were back inside, the alarm went off again 3 times for about5 seconds apiece. The stupid 'fire lights' never went out, and gave2 people really bad headaches from the committee. I don't think it wasa planned drill -- it took awhile before someone managed to get thereto shut down the system, and from the hiccups and lights, I imagine itwasn't who they'd normally have on-call for a drill.

Tonight I have a philosophy group to go to. I hope it's up to the taskof replacing the old group I was a part of. It better be -- it's outin Timbuktu again, at the Borders out there. I wonder if they'll likemy most recent writings.. I'll bring them along.

It's strange how the people on Yahoo Personals are so muchmore interesting on average than the people on's still probably not the best way to try to meet people, either way, but allit takes is one right connection.. There are already some people on there thatI have my eye on, and perhaps the group I'm trying to start, or the techiegroups I'm getting into, will provide more. If not, at least I'll be able toget some good echte Freiheit in the meantime :)

Tags: love

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