Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Current: tar cjf misc.tar.bz2 ~bellefonte/misc/ ; clean ~bellefonte/Soon: scp misc.tar.bz2 ~hobart/
tar cjf - ~bellefonte/ | (cd ~hobart ; tar xjvf -)

Heh. Yup, in other words, I'm packing up miscellania and doing somelight cleaning of my current place, in preperation to move. I still needto do the change-of-address forms, deal with all my magazine and onlinesubscriptions, the credit card/phone/etc companies, and all that. But first,I need to finalize the deal by dropping off the first month's rent and gettingthe keys. Still, I've always loved moving ... this isn't the most fun part --unpacking, once everything is there, is always tremendously fun for me.However, it is kind of fun to just see my apartment in a different light, asthe bookshelves are emptied and disassembled, and all that other stuff.

My car is nearly clean (!!). Over the last week or so, I've just beengrabbing a lot of garbage from the back seat whenever I've used the car,and tossing it, and now it's down to roughly 40% of stuff that needs to bekept, and only 60% or so of stuff that still needs to be seen as such andtossed. The seats are clear, and the floor back there isn't far from it.Booyah. The trunk is still kinda stuffed from my move here, because therejust wasn't room to unpack everything. Oh well.

Last night's philosophy meeting was pretty fun. It was extremely unstructured,had about 8 people, and we had good conversation. We talked about AIs,notions of self, cloning, genetics, and the meaning of humanity. Apparentlythe topics vary widely though. Although it's a pretty long drive, it's worthit driving out there. Tonight is a meeting of the Zets. I'm lookingforward to it.

Finally, I've noticed that, along with being more whiny, Wally (my cat)also seems to be more in the mood to be touched recently. In a way, it'snot that bad. I rest my feet on a chair, and he'll typically lie down ina way that he's leaning against my feet. I sit down normally, and he'llscoot in next to me, resting his body against mine.

I recently found out that my mother also sings in the car. I suddenly remember,when my sisters and I were all on road trips, we'd all be singing togetherto the radio in the car. I'm now singing "Star Man" again, and maybe I'llbe singing "Lunchlady Land" or "Go West", or something.. next. Wally seems to like my singing -- he looks at me with something that's aboutas close as a cat can get to smiling.

Oh, and on the LKML, some bozo has yet again posted the stupidfork-exec merged syscall idea. There's never an end to people who needto be beaten with a cluestick.

Back to work.


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