Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Adult life

Adult life can be so complicated... Oh, to be a child again, when lifewas so much simpler, and everyone was less complex ..No, that's complete garbage. :)I think life as a child, at least for me, was a lot stranger than lifenow. I recently have been listening to old tapes I made when I was muchyounger, in the car and using an old walkman I've had for a long time.They're strange. When I was young, I used to only listen to classicalmusic, or at least that's the impression I liked to give. I'd havesecret tapes that I made off of the radio, containing popular music thatI liked. Eurythmics, and .. well, just popular songs. I was always deeplyashamed of those tapes, and I hid them and stuff. Why? Well, I would guessnow it was because my father really liked classical music, and I reallyliked it as well. However, I thought it was the best kind of music, and Iremember that my relatives were kind of proud that I liked it. I really didlike it (and do today), but I reacted oddly to that approval -- I made itthe only music I publically liked, hence the hiding of the popular tapes.I made tapes of videogame music too, as I recently have rediscovered. Ittook me many years to get over that odd, self-repression, and once I did,I began exploring the vast world of popular music in earnest, althoughI still, to this day, have traces of that old repression, deep in mypersonality. I think kids can be more complex than adults, and caninterpret things in really weird ways sometimes. I'm glad that I'vechanged the way I see things in that regard now. The old tapes arepretty funny though.

Current music: Final Fantasy 2: Zemus theme

Anyhow, my cube bookshelves are disassembled, the couch isapart, my car is clean, and the garbage is all taken out. Afterdoing the cleaning, I went to my normal evening haunt, Upper Starbucks.I finished the Shawshenk redemption that's in the main Apt Pupil book,and am now much of the way through Apt Pupil itself. The details area bit different than in the movie, and amusingly, Apt Pupil andShawshenk redemption have some mild plot ties to each other, somethingcompletely absent in each movie. Also, there was a girl at Starbucks wholifted her head and smiled at me when I went by to use the restroom.Later, as the place was closing, she stopped at a table behind me tozip up her bag, and said hello. Yay.

It's kind of nice that people arn't ignoring me as I'd expect them to.Maybe it's the nice haircut or something. I'm also chatting through emailwith two people who I haven't met yet.

Hmm... did I have anything more to say? I don't remember, so I'll guessno.


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