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Spit and Glue

Took a brief break from work stuff to update my website. I apparentlyhad a lot of older updates all ready that I had been forgetting formonths to actually make live. Anyhow, it probably won't be too longbefore I feel comfortable ditching v5 (the copy up at having v6 at both and v6 needs work, true, butI think that it can be brought up to snuff without that much time required.I'm still hunting down v4 through v1 of my website. I'm SURE they're in oneof my backups, I just can't seem to find where. is helpful, butit started after I already had a page up, and it's a bit flakey. It's sortof like google's usenet search -- You can get a LOT of information aboutme and things I've posted if you happen to know my historical email addresses.However, I started using usenet before those archives started, so you won'tget it all. Heck, even I can't remember all the email addresses I everhad. Hmm... here are a few obscure ones. I once used prodigy, an earlycompetitor to AOL. On there, I was txjc28b (which became whenthey established an internet hookup, although by then I wasn't usingprodigy much). On Cleveland Freenet, I was ec373, although I can't rememberthe last parts of that that made it valid email. On NPTN, I was to figure out how I got that address (no hacking was involved). If youcan, I'll be impressed with you, whoever you are (Note that if you knew meback then, it doesn't count). I think I once had a freenet account atthe University of Erlangen-Nurembourg. I have never had an aol account. Ionce had a delphi account. I once had a bunch of accounts that I shouldn't've had. I once had an account at a place called the "Space Station".I once had accounts that could get UUCP. At OSU, I had a magnus account,an alias ( ), a networking group account, accountsin the workstation group (probably never recieved mail through them though),a CIS account, a (I think) math account for awhile..Ahh... so many accounts. I doubt many of them still forward to me in any way.

Anyhow, as I was saying, .. umm.. what was I saying? Ahh, yes. I'mlooking for old copies of my webpage. I have a vague idea what earlier copiesof it looked like. It's also amusing that I'm putting so much effort intoversion 6 of my website when I'm already starting to think about version 7.The thing about version 7 though is that I'm primarily starting to thinkabout what I could do if I had my own server, postgres, and all that.

An odd curiosity -- why are so many of the commercial hosting sites usingMySQL instead of PostgreSQL? It seems to be the general consensus of thegeeks that PostgreSQL has better SQL compliance, is easier to manage, andis generally more functional. Both are free anyhow, so I don't understandwhy they don't either offer both or just go with PostgreSQL.

I don't really have anything planned tonight. I might continue to pack, butright now I'm at the point where if I pack much more, I'm going to losesome functionality I really want to have right up to the point where Istart sleeping in the new place. Hmm.. IKEA's having a sale, I think.I'll definitely go there and get stuff, if I can afford it after thistwo-place-rent month is paid for. IKEA rocks. Anyhow, I'll probably moseyon back to my usual haunt.. unless I decide to visit cowtown this weekend,in which case I'll just head off towards there. I don't know if I reallywant to leave town right now though, so close to moving limbo.

Apt Pupil is much creepier in the book than the movie was.

I recently made an order of 2 new CDs from Amazon: Weird Al's newCD, and a new CD by a band called Firewater that I thought hadbroken up (as their website went kaput some time ago). W00t!

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