Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

sleep (Segmentation violation - core dumped)

I can't sleep. I know why.Earlier today, I had a small lunch. A *VERY* small lunch. It wasa frozen burrito I brought from home. No surprise, I was hungry by 2, andby the time I was heading home by 4, I was really really hungry, and alsoa bit lightheaded and woozy. So, on the way home I stopped by the bagelplace and grabbed a bagel, hoping it would revive me. It made me feelbetter, but I still was exhausted, so after getting in home, I strippedand snoozed. I got about 2 hours of sleep, and then went to the coffeeshop.It was rather quiet, and I was there from about 7 to 11. I did take abrief walk up and down Forbes before I went in, to refamiliarize myselfwith the shops on the street.. and because I felt like it. I finished abook I started rereading earlier today, and headed home, but although I'mexhausted, I'm not exactly sleepy in the right way. I'd love to sleep, andI'm certainly going to give it my best shot after I finish writing this..All this caused by a too-small meal. Recently, I've been writing shortstories along with my philosophy, in the notebooks while at the coffeeshop.I don't really know why. As a matter of fact, really, any kind ofcreativity right now seems to me to be impossible.. but then again, I amreally pretty fried through lack of sleep. Anyhow, I've been havingdisturbing dreams about being strangled recently. It's not by any particularperson, it's just long skinny arms, reaching around corners or under tables,and from where they come I know that there's either no way a person could bethere, or that the arms are impossibly long. And, oddly, the strangling doesn'tseem to be that scary, and it's not painful. In the dreams I'm just kind ofstoic about it. Yup, I'm being strangled. Ok. How's the weather?

I guess it's better than the weird geometic dream.

There's a fair chance I'll decide to visit cowtown tomorrow. It alldepends on if my new landlord calls me back, who I can arrange tosee (like to visit Dawon, Amanda, Lorie, Aug, and Dubin, at least. Leon wouldbe fun too, and my sisters). Hell, maybe if I can find suitable attire,I'd even go to outland. I miss that place.. Oh.. there's some CMU-recognizedholiday next monday, so it's a 3-day weekend. Woot.

I wonder if I'll really end up going. Hmm.Anyhow, gonna make another try for sleep.

(Postnote I seem to have forgotten the article that I found funnythat prompted me to write. It's here. I wonder what kind I'll be..

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