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On recent events...The U.S. has had the U.N. agree to lift sanctions on Iraq, andput the U.S. in charge of the oilfields. I've been thinking --apart from in communal societies, somebody's going to end upowning the oil. I wonder what difference it'd make, some Iraqiowner or some American owner.. except .. maybe the Iraqi statemanaged it before. Hmm. I'm really just mumbling out loud here.

It seems that a lot of my liberal friends, from SFF or not, aresocialist. However, the term has become a dirty word in America,for far longer than liberal has been one. Anyhow, they might be ableto argue that oil rights are an especially good example of whenproperty rights are arbitrary. I think that people are definitelyentitled to rise above the masses on their own effort. As for if theycan bring their descendants with them, and how easy that should be,I think it can be pretty messy.

Sharon has accepted, with some reservations, the U.S. peace plan forIsrael/Palestine, and is going to be doing political wrangling withthe Knesset. More interesting, perhaps, is what Abbas has to do --bring the Palestinians under control. The Palestinians are stillunder that old dilemma -- IMO, they SHOULD keep attacking thesettlers, or at least the adults there, as they're knowingly attemptingto steal more land.. so long as they're thinking that peace isn't goingto come in the short run. If the Israelis are serious about peace, andthey have no idea how to tell (given the fluid nature of politics,I doubt the Israelis could know either), then it would probably be bestto go for peace, with the expectations of the settlers being carted offto prison, or at least off Palestinian land. Of course, Israeli societyis divided over the settlers. I wish they would solidify on the positionthat they've made their own bed, that they should lie in it, and thatit should be no concern of the government if they were all shoved out ofthe territories, or indeed just killed, for what they're doing, by thePalestinians. Given that, the Palestinians could get a bit of what theywant, the Hebrews could say "Not my concern", and hopefully Hamas canbe deflated a little bit. In the end, building towards peace is what needsto be the goal, not historical Palestine nor a homeland where Hebrewsget special consideration. While Iraq MAY have been a poison of thebody of world peace, Israel/Palestine is DEFINITELY a poison of the mindof world peace. It would have better if the land had just been cleared ofpeople and nuked into a glowing crater decades ago, with a "New Israel"placed elsewhere, but the next best thing is to do whatever needs tohappen to calm this plate boundary between central Eurasia and the west.Die, Zionism. Die, Palestinian nationalism. Peace, at any cost.

Late at night on TV, I heard a debate about foreign policy while I wasprogramming. One person asked "Why do you care about Israel/Palestine so much? Doyou care about $SITUATION_Y?" Answer: Yes. It's just that Israel/Palestine getsso much coverage, and it's so very interesting, that $SITUATION_Y, for whatevervalue that has, generally is going to be less interesting. There are currently5 conflicts that really hold my interest in world politics right now:

  • Israel/Palestine issues, as it juxtaposes issues of religion, incredibly powerful racism on both sides, and war that fuels tons of conflict elsewhere
  • China/Taiwan issues, as it's about interesting issues of sovereignty, global politics, and economy. China would flatten Taiwan with nukes if it could get away with it, I think. Taiwanese politics dance around this fact, with politicians varying widely on how provocative to be towards China, and whether independence should be declared
  • India/Pakistan issues - Islam versus Hinduism, terrorism and provocation.
  • The Kurds vs the World - In some ways, the Kurds are where the Jews were for a long time. It's even more interesting though, as the Kurds are Muslim, just like their opponents, so it's a struggle for ethnic identity and race within Islam.
  • Ulster and Ireland - Nationalism versus ethnic identity, with some religion tossed in.

All of those admit no easy solution. Israel/Palestine just happens to getthe most news coverage around here, and probably has the biggest worldramifications. Although it's not as international, Irani politics are alsointeresting.

Impromptu poetry can be fun. Here's something I came up with, promptedby a friend on AIM:

(cue guitar)
Let me write you a story, a tale for them all
a song o' my heart condition that makes me fall
though the pain it does cause me is fleeting and small
if I need it I use my pills atenolol

All because he wanted me to find a way to rhyme with atenolol,and then to incorporate that into stanza. Heh.

Anyhow, let's end this with more lyrics snippets. Psychopharmacology, byFirewater.

The endless shrink parade
The nights that never cease
And all you want is peace
But all you get is pills
And still they tell you

Psychopharmacology is gonna set you straight
When you can`t get out of bed and you`re so tired of pretending
Psychopharmacology is gonna save your soul
Cause God is great and God is good but he`s also made of wood
Believe in psychopharmacology

Oddly, there's only one place I could find the lyrics to that songon the net, and they were incorrect there. Niiiice.

I doubt I'll actually going to cowtown this weekend -- my friend Jeffwill be out of town, and Dawon hasn't called me back. I was reallyhoping to see everyone, or nearly everyone. Maybe next weekend.How will I fill today? More website work, more packing, and probablya trip to a museum or a park, and then to a coffeeshop or bookstore.

I'm worried that one of my friends who I've been chatting with onlinerecently might be starting a slide towards mental illness. :(

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