Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Waxing Corridors of Rust

I remember when I once had a strong sense of purpose, goals in life. I don't have that so much any more, and I kind of miss it. Some of the goals, continual or goalpost, are achieved, others are things I decided really arn't that important to me. I only have a few goals left, and I feel both peaceful/sleepy in the larger sense and diminished in a sense. When all one's goals are exhausted (I'm not quite there yet), all one is left with is one's own temperament.

Another thing is that much of the fine detail of the education I got (I contend that I got a good-to-excellent one at every level) has faded into vague shapes. When I was dating Nicole two years ago and helping her on her math and arguing about evolution, it thankfully turned out to still be there, but it's no longer as immediate as it once was, and in certain topics it feels almost inaccessible. Today someone suggested I sit in on a class of the class on OS - the idea intrigues me because I did a systems specialisation in my CS degree, taking several classes on OS, and it'd be neat to see this famed/feared class that people keep mentioning. If any of you CMUites could let me know the schedule, where it meets, and what particular class would be interesting to sit in on, that'd be welcomed.

I have a set of assertions..

  1. One should be able to comfortably walk around, sans clothing, in one's home with no discomfort
  2. If one cannot maintain comfortable temperatures in one's home merely by closing/opening windows as appropriate, one is living somewhere one should not
  3. Eighty Degrees and above is comfortable, 75 degrees is tolerable.
I recently have found myself wanting to put POUND up on sourceforge, now that they've left the stone ages and offer SVN support (they used to be CVS only, but then, I started work on the first versions of POUND before the project to make SVN started). Ideally, I'd import my SVN repository and keep sourceforge fairly current, but there's a problem -- I like developing POUND on my laptop, often in places with no network support. Right now, it's convenient to have POUND in a local (file-based) SVN repository. Is there a good way, besides exporting/importing the SVN repository all the time, to have a local repository and a remote repository that remain sync'd? Assume, for now, that nobody but me will contribute to the sourceforge SVN repository. This is one of those areas where other version control software like BitKeeper or Arch (now, sadly, no longer actively developed) handle this better.

There's also this, which is not safe for work, or home (but it's kinda catchy, albeit not as catchy as the standard film you should not see at work).

I rescued a slug today that was likely to be stepped on. It's interesting how slugs, when bothered, glue themselves to whatever surface they're on. It took some careful prodding with a leaf (didn't want to use my hands for fear of crushing it) to get her off the sidewalk, and careful maneuvering to deposit her in the garden (once she realised she wasn't on the ground anymore, she glued herself to me instead). Slugs are awfully cute -- the one I interacted with today looks a lot like the one on the Wikipedia article. It's interesting that they reorient all their innards a few times while growing up, and that some species of slug reproduce by throwing sperm darts at each other. It would be amusing if human society worked that way -- kind of like paintball games except resulting in kids.


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