Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Not more!

Argh!And now, in the news:

World Governments Everywhere pose threat to U.S

Regime changes needed worldwide, to further American financial and militaryinterests, say American legislators. "In recent times, even Canada hasexpressed doubts on our bold leadership", said Rumsfield, "and so theymust be replaced with leaders friendly to our goals". "Let the fourthReich begin!" said Senator Joe Lieberman, pausing briefly to add"Err.. umm..".

Saw Bruce Almighty. It was good, but it made me sad. I might go seeDaddy Day Care, or even, if I get bored enough, X2. Still no matrixfor me -- there's that rule I have about Keanu Reeves.

Some sciency stuff.

It's irritating when dreams disagree with you on who you are and howyou feel about certain things. That's probably because people are usedto people/society universally accepting their thoughts on how they think,why they do certain things, and how they feel. It's kind of violatingto have people step behind that border. No dissent is allowed. That holdstrue, I think, even when it's an assault by myself, storyteller of my dreams.

I should take pictures of some of the stuff I jot in my journals.Of all the techie things I have, the digital camera is one of myfavorites. Once I get colo, my netdiary will probably become a photo-netdiary,with comments, searches, and all that. Repetition is the basis of hope.Heh.

Working on a new enchancement to my netdiary that, for each entry, looksat the time of day it's from and adds an appropriate icon representingthat time. Technically, it's not hard at all. The hard part is actuallyfinding good, small icons. I might need to alter the code to usetables to make it look right. If I go that way, I'll switch to my titleheuristics at the same time. Testing, 1.2.3.

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