Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Country Wasteland

He was trying to make his way somewhere, sounth of where he lived.A store, perhaps. It was getting late, and he was prepared to geta hotel to stay nearby until he was done and able to return home.He was lost. The roads were hellish -- not a straight one in theplace, nor many that kept their name past the nearest intersection.The roads resembled a spider web, and he was looking for a routenumber that slipped in his head like popcorn butter. He had hiscellphone, true, and his mother knew where he was going, but shewanted to talk, and the reception was poor, so when he called herfor a reminder, it was a horrible task to get the route numberfrom her again. He had a county road map, but without the index,just 40-some pages of the twisting, many-named roads. Worse, theroad map indicated that this place had an incredible number ofdumps, chemical plants, and other industrial buildings for itssize -- about one for every 3 pages. He pulled in to a BP super-shoppingcentre (must be a local thing, he thought -- he never knew BP to sellanything but gas and convenience stuff), went in, wandered through theisles for about 20 seconds before he realized he really should keeptrying for his destinantion, went to a line, and slid his card througha card reader. The cashier handed him five dollars, and he asked, inan offhand way, do you know how to get to .. there's a big route,I think it ends in 8, maybe 38? .. from here? She had no idea. He kepttalking for a sec, but she really didn't know, and there were othercustomers (although they seemed not to be irritated in the least).He finally went outside via a side door, and lay in what looked likesomeone's front yard, using the street light to stare at the map.Time passed, and the sun went down as he tried to find the nearestcorner road on the unindexed map. No help.

For being in a tiny little hell, it really wasn't that horrific, justa prolonged, stressful situation. Weird dream. I wonder where theparts came from. I think the BP part is from my needing to fill mycar up yesterday, although I have no idea why the BP was more likea Wal-Mart than a real BP. The roads in the dream were a lot worse thanPittsburgh, and so I have no idea where they came from. The deficientmap? Occasionally I've dealt with maps that were in that state, butnot recently. Perhaps, in my cleaning of my car, I came across one ofthose old county maps, and it reminded me. They have red covers withblack type, black and white insides, with each corner of every pageindicating what page to go to (or other county map) to continuealong that direction .. ahh, another dream memory -- in this case, therewere no page numbers -- each direction pointed me to a named page or area.

Anyhow, that's dreams.

Tags: dreams

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