Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

It's back

However, if you really like, the offline noticepage still exists. I didn't make all the changes I'd like to, but I haveplenty of time to finish later. I won't have the inclination to do itreally soon though. More on that later. Here's what stuff means (maybeit should go in a key on the top?):

  • Dawn
  • Morning
  • Evening
  • Dusk

Anyhow, today's gonna be a busy day. I get the keys to the newplace, need to transfer the electric bill, call verizon to getphone and DSL transferred (telerama's DSL is too expensive), andmake about 20 other phone calls and online changes. I'm gonnamove a lot of stuff today, and then there's Zets. Chances aredecent that I'll be up very very very late tonight making car trips,and even more so for much of the rest of the week. Although I'munlikely to ever end up as insanely busy as certain people I've known,I think my weeks are working out to be pleasantly interesting.Tomorrow, I meet more local atheists/agnostics, another step forwardtowards pulling a group together. May this molasses turn to water, orat least honey.

I'm looking forward to IKEA soon, and Cowtown this weekend.

I found another copy of my explanatory which goes on a littlelonger than the one I found the first time. It has some stuff that'seven more private than the general content of that ancient tome. Software/Dataarchaeology is fun.

Recently, instead of philosophy, short stories have been my main productwhen I write. Hmm.

Things I want to do:

  • Finish implementing topic support in netdiary, so when I have a database, it'll be easy to view my journal and only get entries that are about those topics
  • Clean up private entry support. I don't know if it's really worth it -- I might have 2 entries that are private. Still, the private tag's recognition code is fragile
  • Add a 'page view' frame on the right for the first page
  • Off the topic of netdiary, add an online 'pat quiz', maybe in javascript or Java, that'll let people sum up their attributes and find out how likely they are to be someone I'd be interested in being friends with. Of course, I like having diversity, so the actual point score someone would need would probably be about %30. I look for some pretty unusual criteria though, so it's by no means an easy test :)
  • I probably should toss up the personals I have on yahoo, onion, and, on the off chance people who don't subscribe do a websearch on the text of my entries. Having them googlable also means that concievably I might meet someone that I wouldn't otherwise meet. I'm casting my net as wide as I can, and just hope that sometime I'll be able to apply the title of Chosen to another. Martha and Debb hold a special place in myself..
  • Ikea. I mentioned this before.
  • Fill up the new fridge with food, and really get settled there. I said this before, back in cowtown, but this is someplace that I think I'd like to settle for awhile.
  • Start collecting tools to take up carpentry
  • Continue researching ways I can get a laptop and/or a new car
  • Make posters for the Hebrew and Japanese alphabets. Revive my Japanese knowledge, and start to study Hebrew in earnest. Start to collect information on how I can best study Arabic as well
  • Pull the atheists/agnostics around here together. Fight apathy
  • Do more work on my website
  • Go grab some food. Right now. Then see if I can leave work a bit early to get keys and arrange the electrics transfer and move.

Oh, on the topic of quizzes, the philosophy group last night wandered ontothe very interesting topic of point-based admissions. I generally think they'rea good idea, with appropriate weights, but it's not something I've everthought of as an issue before. After the group, I met with some evangelicalswho hang out there around that time, and we had some fascinating discussionson cultural moores, morality, and the like. One of the guys, surprisingly,put forth substantial parts of my argument for me -- not a very vanillachristian. The topic there then drifted to relationships, the world's favoritedisaster story topic. I again am reminded how unfaithful some guys are, andhow messed up things can get in such situations.

Confirmed plans to meet Dawon and Lorie this weekend. Jeff is a maybe --depends on when I arrive. Haven't called Amanda or Aug yet. I should.

Off I go. As you might guess, I don't always write my entries' portionsin linear order.

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