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I now have keys to the new place, and have moved a small fraction ofmy stuff into it (not even close to a carful, as the carpets are stillwet from the dry-cleaning). It's much, much nicer than my current place.Booyah. What did I move? Some toiletries, 2 lamps, the picture thattraditionally sits on top of my toilet, a wall fan, and some very smalltables. I am again reminded how nice the place is.

So, I called Verizon, and the phone and DSL are on their way there,meaning that I don't know how long I'll still be up here. They thinkthere may be a week or so where the phone will be moved withoutthe DSL, meaning no service either place. I'm gonna spend a LOT of timeat work for that period :) Of course, it'll also mean no more netdiaryentries for that period. Still, I'm subjecting you all to details ofmy moving toiletries, so I'm sure y'all'll survive.

Of course, I expect one of my computers to die in this move. It alwayshappens. *sigh*I might as well knock on wood: Here's the last uptimes you'll get at thisplace for each of my currently awake, Pittsburghized computers:holly: 154 days (about 5 months)forrester: 158 daystorgo: 264 days (wow)kryten: 102 days

Maybe it's the normal stress of power-cycling that kills them -- that'snormally rough on a computer. Still, I laugh at those poor windows userswho need to reboot every few days. You can laugh at me because it takessuch a geek to get along so well with Linux. Linux is like an Iguana :)Heh. That phrase, according to google, has never before been placed onthe web. Well, that's kinda what it means when google can't find something..

Anyhow, while I was on the phone with verizon, I was driving downtownto talk to the electric company (which wants to see me in person, withlots of ID, before they'll change the electric service). I got out ofthe car, and the keys fell out of my shorts as I got up, and I didn'tnotice... so I locked my keys in my car. Grrrr. I then notice that mybookbag, which has my lease in it, is in the car, so I can't go talkto the electric company yet. So, I call AAA. In the meantime, I entera time of day where I'm not allowed to be parked where I am. I wait..Eventually, police and tow trucks come start towing everyone in sight.Fortunately, one of them comes and opens my car, saving AAA part of theirtrip, and allowing a very grateful Pat to drive off, free of charge.

Still, it kinda sucks to have wasted the trip -- the electric companywas closed by the time I got in. Oh well. Could've been worse. On theway back, I drove around downtown a bit. I'm in the very early stagesof building a mental map of the area, which will probably serve me well.I don't really have occasion to leave Universityland (there's a bit of agap between what I call "true pittsburgh" and "east pittsburgh", eastpittsburgh being where UPitt, CMU, are, being composed of squirrel hill,oakland, shadyside, and a few other neighborhoods. You really notice itbest driving on Forbes, which in true pittsburgh is a very minor street,but in Universityland(E.Pittsburgh) it's a big street, with the changepoint being very visible in the surrounding streets too.

Oh, yes, people, especially Americans, are mind-bogglingly stupid.I'm actually tempted to say that people that stupid should just be shot.Along with the bozos who spam. Minimum standards for the gene pool :)

Final note, for now:Matzoh dipped in peanut butter are very tasty. Yum!


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