Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


The internet keeps whispering into my ear today.I am a spider on the web of information.

Anyhow, tonight, after moving a lot of stuff, and partiallydisassembling my futon (need to figure out where the toolI need to get the other parts apart went), I got an IM froma cognitive psychologist grad student at the University of NorthCarolina. She's focusing on psycholinguistics (weird coincidence?),and so we talked about some interesting research her advisor is doingon mass nouns, what they mean, and if their absence (or different forms)in some languages, like Japanese, creates discernable effects in otherareas of cognition. It's really very interesting! We then talked aboutrelationships, life, and all sorts of more general stuff.

I then talked with a 13 year old girl who's starting a campaign againstGE foods in her home country of New Zealand. We talked about what thedangers of GE foods are, what the potential benefits are, and the stateof the art (or as near as I know) of the field. After talking about thatfor awhile, we talked about nanotechnology, and activism in general.

I then almost got into a discussion with a third person, something aboutprogramming and the board game Axis and Allies. Alas, I was tootired to keep talking, so I gave that person my email address, added themto my buddy list, and signed off.

The common thread? 3 strangers IM me, out of the blue, within a span ofhours on a variety of topics. This just doesn't happen to me. Eitherit's that I'm awake a lot later than I normally am (and this journalentry doesn't help), or it's just weird luck, or those events arn't asindependant as I would think they are. All this, and I still need toemail back the person I'm having a conversation with online.

Well, to the beanbag!

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